Posted on Wednesday 22nd of February

Please be aware of Scammers

It's a sad reality that there are scammers among us. You only need to read the papers to see the depths people will go to steal from others.

NOTE: If you are a scammer then read this too.

There have been a few people on the site that list free things; iPads, Laptops, Puppy Dogs - and then ask for postage. It's probably safest to not send postage unless you are sure of the person you are dealing with.

We remove users as soon as someone points out that they appear suspicious. Immediately and no questions asked.

But they create a new account.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

* Try to deal with people that have positive comments from other members. Especially if they are asking for postage or money.

* If the person has their email address in the listing then don't use that. The site has comments. Use those. AskShareGive will give out the validated email address of a member when the time is right. That email address has been validated on AskShareGive. When we delete a member they they need a new email address. This is a bit of a pain for people.

* If you spot anyone that appears suspicious then comment on the listing to warn others and contact us here at AskShareGive.

Please do keep using the site and don't allow one or two miserable, selfish and unpleasant people ruin it for everyone!

NOTE to the scammers. We run a CyberSecurity company here in New Zealand. If we get tired of you we have the technology to find you and expose you. This may include reporting you to the police. Go somewhere else.

Kind regards


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