FAQ and Help

How does AskShareGive work?

It’s easy.

If you need anything simply list it on the site. Members find your listings and if they can help out will respond to you.

If you find listings that you can help then you can respond.

What sort of things can I give/ask for?

All kinds of things!

You can ask and give things like old books, clothes and toys.

You can ask and give time like offering to show members how to make a garden or asking for a member to help walk your dog from time to time.

You can also lend and borrow – like asking to borrow a ladder.

And you can look for one off car rides or hook up with members for car-pooling.

Can I choose who I give my things to?

Of course you can. And you don't need to give your things to anyone if you don't want.

When you list something to give then members can respond. You choose from the responses which member should get your things – if any.

You can check the profile of a member on AskShareGive to find who you’d like to have your things.

If you can’t find anyone then you can simply re-open your listing or remove your listing all together.

Why would I give something away for free? Won’t people just sell my things on Trademe?

You can choose the member that should get something you are giving away. Make sure that it is a member that needs what you’re giving and will actually make use of it.

A stereo could go to a community group for example. Members have a profile on AskShareGive so look for members that have been helping out others and are really making use of AskShareGive.

How does AskShareGive make money?

It doesn’t. We created this site for one simple reason...to help people Ask, Share and Give! You can find out about AskShareGive here.

Will you sell my email address?

No. Never. Your data will never be sold or shared with anyone. Find out more here.

How do I Sign Up?

Click Sign Up to become a member and get started.

You need to Sign Up before you can create listings on AskShareGive.

Signing up with AskShareGive is quick and easy. You can create a username and password in the usual way by entering a username and password and email address on the Sign Up page.

How do I Verify my Email address?

You'll need to click the Verify link in the email you get when you first Sign Up before you can create listings.

You just need to do this once.

If you didn't get an email then check your junk mail folder. If you don’t find the email there then login to AskShareGive with your login details you used to Sign Up and check your email address is correct under your profile.

Still doesn't work? Please contact us and tell us the email address you used to Sign Up!

How do I Respond to a Listing

Respond to a listing by clicking 'Respond' next to a listing.

If a member is asking for something this lets them know you can help out. They can choose to accept your response.

If you see a listing that is giving something this tells the member that you are interested in what they're offering. They might get a few responses so you might want to let them know why they should choose yours.

Members will generally want to help people that give and share. So if a member has given something to you then you should also list things that you can give. This could be anything. Like old books or offering to lend your old ladder in the shed!

When you respond other people on the Internet can see your response.

What happens if my response is accepted?

If you respond to a listing and it’s accepted then AskShareGive will send both you and the member an email with your email addresses so you can get in touch with each other.

When you're ready you can rate each other.

How can I Ask Questions about a Listing?

Click Question/Comment against a listing.

AskShareGive will send an email to the member with the listing and they will hopefully write an answer.

Questions and answers are all visible on the Internet.

Can I View Responses from other Members?

Yes. When you look at a listing you can see any responses other members have made. If you see a response that you like you can let the member with the listing know by clicking the thumbs-up button next to a response.

Or if you feel a response isn't so good you can vote it down using the thumbs down button.

No one can tell who has voted a response up or down. It's private. But everyone can see how many votes up or down a response has.

How do I Rate a Member?

When a response has been accepted both members can rate how things went.

It works just like sites like Trademe - you can choose a rating and make a quick comment.

The ratings and comments for a member can be seen under their profile.

How do I Create Listings?

Create as many listings as you like as often as you like. We encourage it!

Your address isn't stored. We just store your street and suburb if you enter it. This helps people find listings in their area.

Photos are a good idea. They help your listing get seen.

When a member responds to your listing you'll get an email. Click the link to view the response.

You don't need to accept a response. Wait until you find a response you like the look of. Check a members profile if you like first.

How do I Accept a response?

You can choose who to give your things to if you’re giving something away. If you like you can check a members profile to make sure you’re happy with their response.

If you're asking for something then accept a response that you like the look of.

When you accept a response it sends both of you an email with each other’s email addresses so you can get in contact.

When should I close a Listing?

Close a listing to have it taken off the site.

You would do this if you are giving something away and have found someone to give it to.

It will still be visible but no one can respond or ask questions or comments.

If you are lending something then you might want the listing to stay open so other people can respond. That way you can lend out your ladder to others!

I work in a community group. Can we get involved with AskShareGive?

Absolutely and we'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to Sign Up and create listings or respond to listings that are already there.

But we would like to hear from you as well so we invite you to contact us so we can drop in.

I work at a corporate. How could we get involved with AskShareGive?

A lot of corporates are keen to get involved in the community and we'd like to talk to you about how your organisation could get involved. You might encourage your staff members to create listings offering to help people or groups and promote your brand though the listings.

Please contact us.