Staying Safe

The vast majority of people using AskShareGive are genuine, honest and trustworthy people that love to Share.

But when you are online you should always take some basic precautions.

Inappropriate Listings and Comments

AskShareGive has a moderator that monitors and removes any inappropriate listings and comments. If you see a listing or comment that is inappropriate you can report the listing which will alert us quickly.

There’s some other things you can do to stay safe.

Your Address

We encourage you to enter your address when you set up your profile or when you add a listing so that people can search listings close to where they live.

AskShareGive only stores your street and suburb or town. It doesn’t store your street number.
We recommend that you don’t type your actual address into AskShareGive as a question or answer or in a listing. It’s best not to have other people know your actual address, just in case.

When you need someone to know your address then send it to them via email.

Ratings and Profile

Check people’s history, ratings and profile to see how trustworthy they are. If you aren’t sure about someone then it might pay to deal with other people that have history and a profile.


Your email address is never shared with anyone. Your details are in safe hands.


If you have any concerns then please contact us.