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Not for Profit Organisation needs a Freezer

Bellyful are a charity that cook and deliver home cooked meals to families with newborn babies or families struggling with critical illness.

The North Shore of Auckland Branch are on the search for a freezer to store all of our meals in. Currently we have different volunteers all using their personal freezers but it makes it hard so we would love to have our own North Shore Branch one. We are looking at buying one but would have to invest minimum $500 for a decent one. As a charity we obviously have to do all of our fundraising to be able to cook so that is a lot of money to our branch.

We thought we would try on here and see if anyone had a spare one they wouldn't mind giving to our branch. Ideally we need either chest or upright with at least 200-250 minimum litre capacity.

What Bellyful Do:

Bellyful is a national non-profit organisation helping New Zealand mums when they need it most – at dinner-time!

Our team of volunteers (generally also mums) deliver frozen, precooked meals to families with newborns and families struggling with illness.

We are not a food bank – our service is appreciated by corporate mums as much as those at home. Thanks to our wonderful local supporters and fundraising carried out by our branch volunteers, our service is provided free to the community.

We know how hard those first few months with a newborn can be. The odd meal or two can be a real sanity-saver! This is why Bellyful provides such a valuable service and brings communities together.

Bellyful wants to encourage mums to accept help and support from their local community – just like our grandparents did. Parenting is hard work, so we encourage mums and their families to accept all the help that’s offered!

Our meals are tasty and aimed predominantly at the fussiest eaters in the family. We know this as we have tried all the meals out on own little ones! We make simple dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese, Macaroni Cheese and Lasagne.

All of the ingredients for the meals we make are purchased with funds that our volunteers fundraise themselves. The food is then prepared at cookathons in which dozens of meals are made. These are then frozen, ready for referrals.



Area Coordinator - Bellyful North Shore

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    rabbitdance () responded on Monday 17th of September:

    I have a very old freezer about 900mm H x 750 W x 800 D which looks awful but probably still goes! We have used it for about 20 years and it is now in the garage, surplus to requirements. The lid has a lot of superficial rust and it's scuffy on the outside, seals mildewed etc but apart from that it has always been reliable.

    I imagine you need a better one than this, but if you can make use of it you're welcome.


    : )

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    pixiegirl17 (the listing owner) commented:
    Thanks for your offer rabbitdance. I have a branch meeting this evening, will let them know your offer and come back to you tomorrow. Thanks heaps, we really appreciate it.
    by pixiegirl17 () on Tuesday 18th of September  (report this comment)

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This listing closed on Monday 1st of October

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