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Saying farewell and scattering their Ashes at Sea

Saying farewell to your loved ones and scattering their Ashes at Sea

aboard the Rosemary Charters.

Departing from Sandspit Wharf Warkworth.

This offer is up to 6 passengers free,

We understand your grief and will endeavour to make your Funeral Celebration very special.

Be touched by our consideration to meet your requirements during this mixed emotional farewell celebration. Be encouraged to bring your favourite music, we supply tea and coffee.

Scattering ones Ashes on the water is very moving, people request that their ashes are scattered at their favourite fishing spots or beach locations, where ever it may be we will endeavour to meet your request.

Contact us to discuss your needs

The journey will lead you to a timeless adventure, a moment of truth when the mind, body and heart come together in the decision to...let go.

When you hold the flower-covered ash basket, and then pass it to the next person, this is an act of love; best when it's given away.

You may want to conduct your own simple ceremony, or have the help of your Priest or Pastor.

Take comfort in the company of your family and loved ones, and reminisce about the deceased.

This can be a time of sadness, but also a time to remember your loved one fondly, and a time to bond with family and friends and celebrate his or her life.

Brian Jones on Ph : 027 279 3456

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This listing closed on Thursday 15th of November

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